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Family Law

Comprehensive Family Law Representation Throughout King County

Marriage Dissolution

If you need legal help regarding a divorce or separation, then I can help you. If you are facing spousal maintenance, child support, parenting, child custody, and/or visitation issues, then I can help you. I can also help you with disposition of assets and liabilities issues. If you need legal help with needed temporary orders or separation contracts, then I can help you.

I understand that going through a divorce is extremely stressful on so many fronts. While you are going through the extremely emotional challenge, you need an attorney who can handle the down-to-earth issues of the divorce such as negotiating with the opposing attorney, assessing the value of the assets to be divided between the parties, preparing the documents, and going to Court when needed. I am appropriately aggressive and thorough in looking after your interests. I will do my best to get you through the process with the best possible outcome.

Pre-nuptial Agreement

I can prepare for you a pre-nuptial agreement if you want to have one.


Do you want to adopt a child? I can help you with that too.

For any kind of Family Law matter, you need an attorney who is in your corner. I know how to be that attorney.

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